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Have you been suffering from chronic migraines but don’t know where to turn for help? At NJ Headache Relief Center, the expert at your 07031 dental office provides innovative solutions for diagnosing, analyzing and treating chronic migraines and headaches. As a specially trained prosthodontist, Dr. Richard Ekstein takes the entire mouth and neuromuscular anatomy into consideration when providing treatment to his patients. If you’ve already tried visiting your family doctor or chiropractor but haven’t been able to find lasting relief, consider visiting NJ Headache Relief Center for an innovative approach.

07031 Dental Office

What the neuromuscular experts at your 07031 dental office have discovered is that many cases of chronic migraines result from an improper bite. When the teeth and jaws don’t close evenly, there is an imbalance in the distribution of force in the mouth. Over time, this imbalance can create muscle tension in the face, head and neck, and lead to bruxism, wear on your teeth, chronic headaches and migraines. Understanding the dental origins of many chronic migraine sufferers, your neuromuscular dentist can exactingly measure and analyze the distribution of bite force in your mouth using some of the most sophisticated technology. The muscles of your neck and face are also examined, as your dentist checks for tense areas of musculature. Determining the problem areas that require rehabilitation, treatment can vary from one patient to the next.

You can expect to receive highly individualized care at your 07031 dental office. Taking the full medical history of your chronic pain, your neuromuscular dentist takes pains to see the big picture in assessing what may be contributing to your condition with the utmost exactitude. You can feel safe about your visit to NJ Headache Relief Center as treatment does not rely on drugs or invasive surgical procedures. Generally, treatment addresses correcting imbalances in your bite and releasing muscle tension in key areas. If you’re ready to take the next step towards eliminating your chronic migraine pain, contact the office of Dr. Ekstein today.


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