07031 Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain on 07031

Has chronic facial or jaw pain been affecting your quality of life? It’s time to get proactive and visit the 07031 jaw pain specialists at NJ Headache Relief Center. Staffed with a highly skilled neuromuscular dentist that has been providing relief to countless patients, Dr. Richard Ekstein offers a distinctive approach to understanding, diagnosing and treating jaw pain and TMJ disorders. Informed by his expertise in prosthodontics and general dentistry, Dr. Ekstein makes use of the most leading edge technology and techniques to determine whether your jaw pain comes from a dental or neuromuscular origin.

The temporomandibular joint, also known as the TMJ, is the joint connecting your lower jawbone to your skull. Cushioned by a small disc which absorbs the impact of movement when we chew, speak and swallow, this area is critical for our daily functioning. In cases of improper bite or jaw alignment, the complex system of bones, muscles, and discs can be prevented from working properly, resulting in a painful TMJ disorder. Experienced in detecting the origins of 07031 jaw pain, your neuromuscular dentist can perform a sophisticated analysis of your bite, and examination of the muscles in your face, and neck. In many cases, improper bite and the tension which results in the surrounding muscles turns out to be the origin of TMJ pain. Providing safe and effective treatments which don’t rely on drugs or surgical intervention, instead patients benefit from cutting edge methods for relaxing their muscles and aligning their bites for lasting relief.

07031 Jaw Pain

For diagnosis and treatment of 07031 jaw pain and TMJ from an experienced neuromuscular dentist, consider visiting the specialist at NJ Headache Relief Center. Warmly welcoming sufferers of chronic pain to their hi-tech facility, they look forward to providing you with the utmost quality care that you deserve and require. To schedule your visit, call their office today.


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