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Where can I find a headache doctor in North Arlington?

Are you a frequent sufferer of headaches or migraines? The NJ Headache Relief Center has established an excellent reputation for providing relief to countless patients from all around the North Arlington, Lyndhurst and Kearny areas. As your headache doctor in North Arlington, Dr. Richard A. Ekstein makes use of the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies to diligently and skillfully determine the precise underlying source of your discomfort. Providing breakthrough treatments for sufferers of headaches, migraines, tinnitus, TMJ and TMD, you’ll be in excellent hands under the care of Dr. Ekstein and his professional staff.

Headache Doctor in North Arlington

When you come to see your headache doctor in North Arlington, you’ll first receive a comprehensive examination to determine the source of your pain. Oftentimes, chronic headaches can result from imbalances in your bite force. When the teeth aren’t properly aligned, there are a variety of issues which can develop as a result. Increased muscle tension around the jaws and face, as well as a strain on the joints of the jaw, can commonly lead to headaches and TMJ. By taking a careful bite force analysis, range of motion analysis, and muscle examination, your neuromuscular dentist can pinpoint any imbalances you may have in your bite, and carefully trace their association with any unusual muscle tension. Depending on the unique particulars of your bite, treatment may consist of orthotics, which are used to correct any bite force imbalances, for a healthy bite and alleviated muscle tension. Treatment for muscle tension ranges from targeted manual massage therapy, to ultra-low level electrotherapy and ultrasound to stimulate and relax the affected muscles. Whichever treatment is best suited to your particular needs, you’ll be relieved to know that your headache doctor in North Arlington doesn’t rely on drugs, needles or invasive surgical procedures to obtain excellent results!

If you’re a chronic headache or migraine sufferer, consider visiting Dr. Ekstein, your headache doctor in North Arlington, for the modern and innovative way to alleviate your discomfort. To schedule your next appointment, contact the NJ Headache Relief Center at the number provided below.


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