Jaw Pain in North Arlington

Where can I get treatment for my jaw pain in North Arlington?

In recent years, research has begun to reveal that a large percentage of jaw conditions and oral pain are the result of neuromuscular force imbalances. Oftentimes, it takes a neuromuscular dentist, knowledgeable in the interrelated complexities of the skeletal, nervous and muscular systems of the oral cavity, to properly diagnose and treat jaw pain in North Arlington. At NJ Headache Relief Center, their neuromuscular dentist has unique training, and is highly familiarized with the specialized diagnostic and treatment modalities required to provide lasting relief from jaw and orofacial pain. If you’ve been experiencing jaw pain, chronic headaches, or migraines, you’ve come to the right place!

Jaw Pain in North Arlington

TMJ is a degenerative condition, so if you’re experiencing jaw pain in North Arlington, it’s best to get in touch with our neuromuscular dentist sooner rather than later. Most patients with disorders of the jaw joints describe tenderness in the face and jaw joint area, and sometimes popping, clicking, or difficulty chewing or speaking. Disorders of the jaw joints can also spread to the neck and shoulders, causing muscle tension. With the advent of sophisticated new diagnostic technology, neuromuscular dentists have discovered that many jaw joint conditions result from dental bite force imbalances. When our bite force is not properly distributed, it can give rise to increased muscle tension, beginning around the jaws, but capable of extending throughout the head and neck as well. This muscle tension can lead to degenerative conditions of the jaw, such as TMJ, and even chronic headaches and migraines. The best way to treat jaw pain which has resulted from bite force imbalance? Rebalance your bite.

Whether it’s through the use of rehabilitative orthotics to straighten your teeth, the use of special exercises to strengthen the jaw muscles, or the release of muscle tension with the most leading edge treatment technology, your neuromuscular dentist is prepared to treat jaw pain in North Arlington and provide you with lasting relief. To schedule your evaluation for bite force imbalance, contact NJ Headache Relief Center today!


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