Migraine relief 07031

Where can I find migraine relief in North Arlington?

If you’ve been searching for migraine relief 07031 that doesn’t rely on the use of drugs, needles, or invasive procedures, plan on scheduling a visit to the NJ Headache Relief Center. Introducing revolutionary methods for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic headaches, migraines, facial pain and TMJ, they’re your premier source for addressing orofacial pain in the North Arlington, Kearny, and Lyndhurst area. As a neuromuscular dentist, their professional is intimately familiar with the reciprocal relationship between your teeth, jaws, and surrounding musculature, and has provided relief to countless patients over the years through his unique understanding and approach to chronic orofacial pain.

Migraine relief 07031

If you’re one of the 3 million in the US who suffers from migraines, you’ve probably tried just about everything to treat them. From chiropractors, to neurologists and doctors, an oft overlooked origin of chronic migraines is an imbalanced bite. When the teeth are not properly aligned, the distribution of force in your bite can put undue strain on your jaws, and the attached muscles of the face. Over time, significant tension can begin to buildup, contributing to conditions like TMJ and chronic headaches. What your neuromuscular dentist has found, is that in many cases correcting this bite force imbalance can help alleviate the strain on your jaws and facial muscles, and provide effective migraine relief 07031. The best thing about treatment? Using the most sophisticated technology, your bite force imbalance can be treated noninvasively. Upon carefully analyzing your bite, range of motion, and muscle tension, your neuromuscular dentist will determine the most suitable course of treatment for you. Many patients can benefit from a customized orthotic, used to correct the bite and properly balance the forces of your teeth, jaws, and facial muscles.

If you’re overdue for migraine relief 07031, consider visiting your neuromuscular dentist at the NJ Headache Relief Center. For a state-of-the-art examination of your orofacial pain, schedule your next appointment at the number provided below.

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