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TMJ Disorders in Kearny

Are you suffering from TMJ disorders in Kearny?

If chronic pain has been affecting your quality of life, getting proactive and visiting the pain relief specialists at the NJ Headache Relief Center is an excellent decision to make. Why? Because their experienced neuromuscular dentist has been developing an excellent reputation for providing innovative approaches when it comes to understanding, diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders in Kearny. Making use of some of the most sophisticated treatment technology and modalities, their goal is to provide you with lasting relief from your TMJ pain, and restore your quality of life. Providing exceedingly individualized care to their patients, they enjoy getting to know you and figuring out how to help.

TMJ Disorders in Kearny

The temporomandibular joint—no wonder they call it TMJ—is the hinge where your jawbone connects to your skull. Critical for chewing, speaking and swallowing, between the hinge where these bones meet is a small disc which acts to cushion their movement. Sometimes in cases of arthritis, dislocation, injury, teeth grinding or dysfunctional tooth and jaw alignment, the complex system of muscles, bones, and disc can be prevented from working properly, resulting in a painful TMJ disorder. At NJ Headache Relief Center, their neuromuscular dentists perform a sophisticated analysis of your bite force, range of motion, and muscle stiffness. By focusing on these areas, they’ve been helping to determine the nature of countless TMJ disorders in Kearny, and provide the appropriate treatment. In many cases, improper bite and alignment of the jaws and teeth can be the root cause of TMJ and associated muscle tension. For such cases, their experts provide the leading edge in treatments to relax the key muscles, and help align your jaws, teeth, and bite to the proper position for lasting relief.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders in Kearny, the specialists at NJ Headache Relief Center are the ones to go and see. Warmly welcoming new patients to their hi-tech facility, they look forward to providing you with the utmost quality care that you deserve. To schedule your visit, call their number below.


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