North Arlington Neck Pain

Where can I get treatment for my North Arlington neck pain?

Neck pain affects the lives of millions of Americans on a regular basis. If you’ve been experiencing muscle tightness, spasms, decreased ability to move your head, or pain that’s worsened by holding your head in one place for long periods, such as while sitting at a computer or driving, you should consider visiting New Jersey Headache Relief Center for help. Providing innovative diagnostic and treatment solutions for a range of chronic pains from the neck, temporomandibular joints, face, and ears, to migraines and headaches, their neuromuscular dentist is an exceptional resource if you’re experiencing chronic North Arlington neck pain.

North Arlington Neck Pain

As a neuromuscular dentist and former prosthodontist, Dr. Richard A. Ekstein has specialized insights into the inner workings of your bite, jaws, and surrounding muscle complex. Using the foremost diagnostic technology, Dr. Ekstein will carefully examine the alignment of your bite and range of motion of your jaws, checking for muscle tension which may have radiated down into your neck from your Dentomandibular Complex. What years of practicing as a prosthodontist and neuromuscular dentist have taught Dr. Ekstein, is that chronic North Arlington neck pain is frequently caused by dental bite force imbalance. When the bite force isn’t distributed properly in your mouth, this disharmony can put undue strain on your jaw joints, and surrounding muscles, all the way down into the neck. If your neck pain is the result of dental bite force imbalance, your neuromuscular dentist provides highly personalized treatment without the use of drugs or needles, to alleviate muscle tension in key areas and provide long term relief.

Depending on your unique needs, a variety of treatment options may be available for North Arlington neck pain. With a dental bite force imbalance, rehabilitative orthotics can be used to harmonize the alignment of your bite. Muscle tension can be targeted with trigger point massage therapy, electrotherapy, and ultrasound, each used to help relax the muscles, and provide lasting relief. To schedule your next consultation with Dr. Ekstein, contact New Jersey Headache Relief Center today!


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