North Arlington Pain Relief

Pain Relief in North Arlington

Do you suffer from chronic jaw or facial pain? You may have TMD or TMJ, disorders that are characterized by pain or sensitivity to the face and jaw area. If you’re already considering surgery to treat your condition, please consider what the neuromuscular dentists are doing to treat TMJ and TMD at the NJ Headache Relief Center. Using some of the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment technologies, they are your North Arlington pain relief resource if you suffer from jaw or facial pain.

North Arlington Pain Relief

With a revolutionary insight into the nature of what causes TMJ and facial pain, their experts have discovered that having a bad bite may be a cause of excessive wear on your teeth; they’ve also learned that when your teeth and jaws don’t close in alignment, muscle tension that may result can lead to chronic headaches, migraines, TMJ and facial pain. Thankfully, your North Arlington pain relief specialists have found an approach to diagnosing and treating the causes of these conditions without drugs or the need for surgery. Reviewing your medical records for any history of chronic pain, they’ll analyze your bite, checking for misalignment, and determine if you have resulting muscle tension that may be exacerbating your condition. When imbalanced or misaligned bite forces are the root cause of your pain, treatment involves adjusting your bite and soothing areas of knotted musculature, most commonly in the head, face and neck.

It’s important to understand that all jaw or facial pain is not necessarily TMJ or TMD, and needs to be diagnosed by an expert. Other causes of jaw or oral pain can range from sinusitis, to toothaches or angina. For sufferers of chronic pain who haven’t received a clear diagnosis, or haven’t received relief from their symptoms, the experts at NJ Headache Relief Center are here to help. Call today to book an appointment with your North Arlington pain relief specialists; you may be pleased to discover their jaw-dropping results.


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