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07031 Dentist

Are you in the need for a 07031 Dentist?

Have you been suffering from chronic headaches for some time now? If you’ve already tried visiting your doctor or chiropractor only to find temporary relief, your North Arlington, NJ 07031 dentist may have just the solution for you. Stemming from his extensive background as a highly skilled prosthodontist, Dr. Richard Ekstein, founder of the NJ Headache Relief Center, uses an innovative approach to treating chronic headaches, migraines and oral pain. Focusing on the dental origins of muscle tension in the face, head, and neck, he combines dentistry with the treatment of your neuromuscular anatomy for a comprehensive approach to your chronic pain.

According to a recent statement from the National Institute of Health, approximately 64 million across the US are believed to suffer from headaches, migraines and related facial pain as a result of dental bite force imbalance. When teeth don’t evenly match up when you close your mouth, the muscles in your face, head, and neck can become tense as a result. Your North Arlington, NJ 07031 dentist will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic exam to locate imbalances in your bite and points of muscle tension in your face, head, and neck. Using some of the most sophisticated technology to analyze your bite force and range of motion, your neuromuscular dentist can determine the dental origins of your chronic pain.

07031 Dentist

The great thing about treatment from the NJ Headache Relief Center is that it doesn’t involve the use of drugs or invasive surgical procedures. By correcting the bite and rehabilitating muscle tension in key areas, your North Arlington, NJ 07031 dentist has eliminated chronic headaches and migraine pain for countless patients. To learn more about what Dr. Ekstein and his diligent staff can do for you, feel free to peruse their website at the link below. If you suffer from chronic headaches, why prolong your pain? Contact the NJ Headache Relief Center today.


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