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07031 Headache

Headache Relief in 07031

Do you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines? Has finding a lasting solution been a longtime quest? Then you’re in for some great news, because right here in North Arlington NJ 07031, headaches are being diagnosed and treated with some of the most cutting edge breakthroughs in the field. At NJ Headache Relief Center, their specialists have discovered that most chronic headaches and migraines are the result of neuromuscular force problems and bite force imbalances. Understanding the causes of the majority of headaches and migraines has led them to develop treatment options that don’t involve the use of invasive surgery, drugs or injections.

07031 Headache

Here in North Arlington NJ 07031, headache diagnosis from your neuromuscular dentist begins with a comprehensive review of your pain history, including any injuries or conditions that may have led to complex pain disorder. Next, a bite force analysis is conducted, to pinpoint any imbalances in your dental bone structure that could be causing pain. The range of motion for your head, neck and jaw is also analyzed, to help determine problem areas. You’ll be examined for any knots in the muscles of your face and neck, which can act as trigger points for your pain. What’s probably most amazing about the diagnostic process, is that some of the technology has only become available within the past 3 years! 3D models are digitally constructed to map out the balance of bite force in your mouth, so that your neuromuscular dental expert can better target the source of your condition.

And that’s only the beginning. Many patients are finding that the treatments provided at NJ Headache Relief Center are nothing short of revolutionary. FDA-approved and proven technologies are at work for the treatment of your pain. Whether you require manual manipulation of your trigger points, cranial electrotherapy, ultrasound treatment for your muscles, or a realigner for your bite force, come to the North Arlington NJ 07031 headache treatment specialists for the much needed relief you’ve been seeking.


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