Migraine Doctor Belleville

Where Can I Find A Migraine Doctor Belleville?

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Seeking relief from chronic migraines that doesn’t rely on the use of drugs, needles, or invasive procedures? At NJ Headache Relief Center, our experienced migraine doctor Belleville offers a distinctive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic migraines, headaches, facial pain, and TMJ jaw-joint disorders. As a dental specialist with a background in prosthodontics, Dr. Richard A. Ekstein is highly familiarized with the reciprocal relationship between the teeth, jaws, and surrounding muscles, and has provided effective relief for countless patients throughout the Belleville and surrounding environs through his unique understanding of chronic orofacial pain.

Migraine Doctor Belleville

Did you know that in the US alone, the latest research estimates that at least 3 million people suffer from chronic migraines? If you’ve been experiencing chronic migraines, you’ve probably looked everywhere to find lasting relief. At NJ Headache Relief Center, our migraine doctor Belleville can determine if your migraines are a result of bite imbalances. With teeth that are improperly aligned, the force that is created when you close your jaws can become unevenly distributed. Over time, poorly distributed bite force can result in undue strain to the jaws, and related musculature of the face, head and neck. As this muscle tension builds, a variety of conditions can begin to develop, from chronic migraines and headaches, to TMJ jaw-joint disorders. In many cases, correcting this original bite force imbalance can help to alleviate strain on your facial muscles and jaws, resulting in effective relief from your painful symptoms. Aided with the most leading-edge diagnostic and treatment modalities, our migraine doctor Belleville can provide treatment that is noninvasive and doesn’t rely on the use of drugs. With a sophisticated bite-force analysis, and examination of muscle tension, Dr. Ekstein can determine the most appropriate course of treatment for you. In many cases, a rehabilitative orthotic can be used to correct your bite and provide lasting relief.

If you’re seeking lasting relief from your chronic migraines that doesn’t rely on drugs, needles, or invasive procedures, plan on getting in touch with our migraine doctor Belleville. To schedule your comprehensive evaluation, call NJ Headache Relief Center today!


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