TMJ Dentist in Kearny

Where can I find a TMJ Dentist in Kearny?

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If you suffer from chronic jaw of facial pain, the NJ Headache Relief Center is an exceptional resource for care. Our experienced TMJ dentist in Kearny utilizes the most sophisticated technology and advanced treatment techniques to better serve our patients. Whether you’re suffering from TMD, TMJ, chronic headaches, migraines, or tinnitus, Dr. Richard A. Ekstein provides distinctive treatment solutions for patients throughout the Kearny, North Arlington and Belleville areas. If you’re suffering from chronic jaw or facial pain, our practice is uniquely suited to diagnose and treat your condition.

TMJ Dentist in Kearny

With years of experience as a prosthodontist, our TMJ dentist in Kearny applies his distinctive insight into the nature of what causes many cases of TMJ and facial pain. In many cases, having an improperly aligned bite doesn’t only result in excessive wear on your teeth—when the teeth and jaws don’t close evenly, this imbalance can cause muscle tension that radiates out through the jaws, face, head, and neck. With TMJ and facial pain, in certain cases, the underlying cause is an improperly aligned bite. Rather than treat the symptoms with drugs or surgery, your TMJ dentist in Kearny offers a specialized approach to address the root cause. After reviewing your medical records for any history of chronic pain, we can analyze your dentition, carefully checking for imbalances with the most sensitive diagnostic technology. If an imbalanced bite is indicated as the source of your pain, we’re prepared to sooth areas of knotted musculature, and fix your bite with customized orthotics.

It’s important to understand that all jaw or facial pain is not necessarily TMJ or TMD, and needs to be diagnosed by an expert. Other causes of jaw or oral pain can range from sinusitis, to toothaches or angina. For sufferers of chronic pain that haven’t received a clear diagnosis, or haven’t received relief from their symptoms, our TMJ dentist in Kearny is here to help. To plan your next visit to NJ Headache Relief Center, give a call to our friendly staff today!

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